The project is located in Ontario, Canada. The province is a large province of industrial power consumption, accounting for 40% of Canada's electricity consumption. In order to alleviate the pressure of the power grid, the government introduced the Global Adjustment (GA) electricity charging system (with the proportion of GA charging exceeding 80%). This charging system has brought up high peak electricity charges for large factories, therefore it is urgent to introduce mature and reliable energy storage solutions to reduce electricity fees.


As the world's leading provider of UPS and energy storage solutions with 33 years of accumulated experience, Kehua has developed the industry-first MW-level UPS+ESS integrated container solution. Compared with the traditional solution on the current market, this solution can not only achieve peak shaving and valley filling but also achieve high reliability, green and efficient uninterrupted power supply. The innovative structure, intelligent design, prospective standardized design, and high-end certification of the solution have improved the industry standards and taken a leading role in the industry:


1. Land saving: the integrated container ESS adopts an innovative mirror stacking scheme, with two sets of containers and internal equipment that are mirror-symmetric. It also adopts double-layer placement, reducing the needed area by 50%.

2. UPS function: Kehua KR33 series 1200kW high-power UPS is adopted to ensure an all-day high-reliability power supply.

3. Off-grid solution: to quickly pass the local examination and receive policy approval, to put the project into operation as soon as possible.

4. Product solution design: adopting standardized production and unified certification to realize rapid delivery and support flexible expansion; Investments can be made in batches for maximized returns.

5. Industry certifications: meets the requirements of CSA, NFPA, IEC, UL, etc., ensuring the reliability and safety of the system.

6. Intelligent operation and maintenance: The industry's first intelligent control panel can centrally control UPS systems, lithium battery systems, transformers, power distribution cabinets, and other systems, effectively saving more than 80% of operation and maintenance time.

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