EV3 Series

EV3 Series

15kW/20kW Charging Module


EV3 Series


▪ Output voltage DC 200-750V compatible with the high/ low voltage modules and meet the requirements of most electric vehicles
▪ DC330-750V (15kW)/DC400-750V (20kW) wide voltage constant power output, the whole section is continuous, no switching, high reliability
▪ Module output peak current up to 45.5A (15kW)/50A (20kW), leading the industry
▪ High efficiency and low loss, peak efficiency high up to 96.5%, and stand-by power consumption less than 5W
▪ Equipped with leak circuit, which reduces the difficulty of pile design
▪ Unique contact reliability testing, easy to install and maintain
▪ Unique three-proof design (moisture-proof, fungi-proof and salt fog-proof), which guarantee long life
▪ Hot-plug design, easy to maintain
▪ Automatic address recognition for module
▪ Module is controlled by single instruction, which greatly reduces the difficulty of whole pile development

Wide range constant power charging module





 AC input

AC input voltage range (V)260~485Vac (3W+PE)
Max. input current (A)36
Frequency range (Hz)45~66





 DC output

DC output voltage range (V)200~750
Constant power outputvoltage range (V)330~750400~750
Output power (kW)1520
Max. output current (A)45.550


  Other information of equipment

Stand-by power consumption (W)≤5
Noise level (dB)<60
Dimension   (W×D×H) mm223×400×87



  Working environment

Altitude (m)≤4000 (derate when altitude   >2000m, GB/T7260.3)
Working temperature (°C)-20~75, derating output for   temperature above 55°C
Storage   temperature (°C)-40~75

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