Kehua was Granted Double Awards in Internet Industry for Superior Product and Service

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On July 22, the 2021 Industrial Internet Innovation Summit sponsored by CCID was grandly held in Beijing. Kehua was invited to attend and won the double awards of "2020-2021 Internet Industry Best Service Provider" and "2020-2021 Internet Industry Most Trusted Product".


Kehua has been deeply involved in the field of data center for more than ten years. Based on continuous exploration and study on Internet companies, Kehua launched customized data center, modular data center, colocation and related value-added services.


Customised Data Center Solution

Kehua customized data center solutions can be tailored to the specific requirements of customers. Among them, T-Block (Tencent Block) solution is based on Tencent's standard requirements and is exclusively made with the concept of engineering productization.


Compared with the traditional data center, T-block has lower site requirements and further reduces initial investment cost of the data center. T-Block is composed of functional modules including IT warehouse, power warehouse, low-voltage warehouse and enclosure structure etc. It can be flexibly expanded according to the scale of the application, assembling and combining all functional modules of the data center, and delivering them in one piece. Since the modules are prefabricated in the factory in advance, they can be quickly transported to the site, and built like Legos to form a complete Large data center.


Currently Kehua has customized two T-block data centers for Tencent in China. At the just concluded China Internet Conference, one of them, Qingyuan Guoteng Data Center, won the award of Carbon Emission Reduction Data Center Leader (Operation Category).


Modular Data Center Solution

Kehua WiseMDC series modular data center, with a single module as a unit, adopts a highly integrated and high-standard design, integrates IT cabinets, power distribution units, enclosed components, cooling units, wiring, comprehensive O&M so as to realize the complete function of a data center.


All components WiseMDC are prefabricated in the factory, which can be flexibly disassembled, transported, and quickly assembled on site before being put into use.


Distributed Multi-Data Center Solution

Distributed multi-data center has two features. One is that the data center is scattered in infrastructure, geographical locations, software and hardware deployment while maintains a certain degree of independence from each other. The second is that resource scheduling can span multiple data centers, and O&M management can be uniformly deployed.

Each distributed node can carry business operations to a certain extent and have a certain degree of disaster recovery capability, which maximizes the needs of continuous expansion to the greatest extent. At the same time, storage nodes can be deployed around multi-active nodes as needed for cold data storage or offline data calculation, which can greatly reduce the scale of multi-active nodes and save costs.

Colocation and value-added services

Kehua has operated more than 20 data centers in more than 10 cities across China with more than 30,000 cabinets. Coupled with its own advantages in cabinet resources, and more than 10 years of IDC operation and management experience, Kehua provides enterprises with solutions including distributed multi-data center, domestic networking, cloud interconnection etc.

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