Wise IDC-M Modular Data Center

Wise IDC-M Modular Data Center Solution

In order to meet the demand of edge data centers for "low delay, high bandwidth, localization and real-time computing", Kehua launches WiseMDC series "Wise-M" modular data center, which is designed based on the concept of “rejuvenating" and allows flexible module configuration to rejuvenate reliable performance, energy efficiency, and operation and maintenance intelligence of data centers. The modular design integrates power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet, fire-fighting and monitoring systems to save cabinet space and allows installation of servers, KVMs, routers, switches and other IT equipment inside cabinets. Additionally, equipment can be flexibly expanded and configured according to application demands.

Wise IDC-M Modular Data Center

Reliable Performance

» Provides sophisticated high-frequency rack-mounted UPS
» Supports either N+1 or 2N architecture to ensure the safety and security of the power supply


» Modularly designed equipment in a functional cabinet
» 2-8 cabinets can be flexibly combined for future on-demand ex-pansion

Intelligent O&M

» A touch LCD, intuitively and clearly displays all parameters, states, records and alarms
» Access the system remotely to check the running status anytime and anywhere by using a mobile APP

Green and Energy-Saving

» The PUE value is as low as 1.5
» Equipped with an energy-efficient UPS, with conversion efficiency at a full load of greater than 95%

ItermsWise IDC-M Modular Data Center Solution
Cabinet count/module1 to 8
Power density/cabinet≤ 5 kW
InstallationCement floor or elevated   floor
IT cabinet weightStatic load 1800 kg, dynamic load 1200 kg
Cabinet count246
 Dimension (W*D*H) mm 1200*1200(1400)*2000 2400*1200(1400)*2000 3600*1200(1400)*2000
Power Supply & Distribution Module
Air conditioning air   switch32A/1P*3
IT power distribution16A/1P*832A/1P*10
Installation height3U6U
Lighting protection gradeClass C
Input rating16A/32A
Output bitsNational standard 10A or 16A as a standard configuration; up to 20 ports can be supported
UPS module
Rated input voltage220Vac380Vac
Input voltage range80VAC to 275VAC80VAC to 280VAC
Output power factor0.9
Overall efficiency95%96%
Backup time30 min/1H
Refrigeration module
Number   of modules112
Rated   refrigeration capaci- ty4.2kW8.1kW8.1kW
Max airflow rate600 m3/h1400m3/h1400 m3/h
Sensible heat ratio≥ 0.99
Air conditioner mounting modeRack-mounted
Air supply modeIn-cabinet air   is supplied from the front   and returned to the rear



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