iStoragE1 (Australia)

iStoragE1 Series

Enjoy Energy Independence

With Kehua Energy Storage System + PV, it is now possible to effectively manage day and night solar in your home.

Add in blackout protection and the option to join a virtual power plant to give your customers a complete energy solution.

iStoragE1 (Australia)


• Built-in EMS function with multi-mode operation (achieves energy independence)
• Real uninterruptible power supply, switching time <10ms
• Stronger back up power up to 7800W


• All-in-one design
• Modular installation & Quick plug connector
• Multiple battery expansion& Multiple system expansion


• Physical and electrical dual isolation
• Modular fire protection integration
• AFCI function integration (optional)


• Multi-point real-time monitoring, adaptive SOC management
• PACK-level battery management, active balance of charging and discharging
• Intelligent energy management with weather forecast function