iStoragE Series

Enjoy Energy Independence

With Kehua Energy Storage System + PV, it is now possible to effectively manage day and night solar in your home.

Add in blackout protection and the option to join a virtual power plant to give your customers a complete energy solution.

iStoragE Series


■ Super silence design, noise <25dB
■ More flexible application
■ Better PV utilization
■ Faster charging
■ Higher battery efficiency


■ User-friendly interface
■ Intelligent monitoring
■ Smart power grids


■ Easy installation
■ Easy O&M
■ Easy capacity expansion
■ One-stop for all

ItemsiStoragE 3600iStoragE 5000iStoragE 6000
DC   Input (PV)
Recommended Max. PV input  power9.0kWp
Max. PV input voltage580Vdc
Max. PV input current15A/15A
Max. short current18.75A/18.75A
No. of MPPTs2
No. of PV strings per MPPT1/1
MPPT voltage range100~550Vdc
Starting voltage100Vdc
DC (PV) switchYes
DC   Input (Battery)
Battery voltage range360~500Vdc
Max. charge/discharge current16.7A/21.7A
AC   Input and Output (On-grid)
Rated AC output power3.6kW5.0kW6.0kW
Rated AC output voltage220/230/240Vac
Grid voltage range180~280Vac
Max. output current15.6A21.7A26.2A
Max. input current31.2A43.4A52.4A
Rated grid frequency50/60Hz
Grid frequency range45~55/55~65Hz
Power factor>0.99 (rated power)
Adjustable power factor0.8 (leading)~0.8 (lagging)
THDi<3 (rated power)
AC   Input (Back-up)
Rated AC output voltage220/230/240Vac
Rated output frequency50/60Hz
Rated output power3.6kW5.0kW6.0kW
Peak output power4.68kW, 60s5.4kW, 30s6.5kW, 60s7.5kW, 30s7.8kW, 60s
Switch time<10ms
Max. efficiency97.70%
European efficiency97.10%

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