FR-UK 10~160K-SPO-A

Three-phase Off-grid Inverter (Isolated Type)


FR-UK 10~160K-SPO-A

Product Features

■ Equipped with manual maintenance bypass (oil machine/ municipal power supply access) function and intelligent error proofing design
■ With the function of battery polarity reverse protection
■ Dual DSP digital control: the whole machine features high control accuracy, timeliness and high integration
■ Intelligent fan speed regulation and fault detection, prolonging fan service life
■ Complete battery management function: the system has a perfect battery management function to ensure battery service life
■ The structure is of a modular design with high power density
■ Self-adaptive master-slave-free technology, improving power supply reliability

DC voltage348 Vdc
AC input380 Vac
Back-up input power supplyAccessible to municipal power supply or diesel generators
Capacity (kVA)10kVA20kVA30kVA40kVA50kVA60kVA80kVA100kVA120kVA160kVA
Output power factor (PF)0.9
Voltage (Vac)380/400/415±1%
Frequency (Hz)50Hz/60Hz
WaveformSine wave, THD<2% (linear load)
Overload capacityInverter state: 125% full load for   10 minutes; 150% full load for 1 minute.
Efficiency of systemUp to 94%
Communication functionSupporting RS232, RS485 (ModBus protocol),   dry contact communication
Alarm functionAbnormal municipal power supply, battery   undervoltage, output overload, etc.
Protection functionBattery undervoltage protection,   overload protection, short circuit protection, overtemperature protection,   input overvoltage protection, etc.
Ambient temperature-5℃ ~40℃
Relative humidity0%~95% (no condensation)
Noise< 60dB< 65dB
Dimensions (W×H×D)500×1180×600mm500×1600×800mm700×1800×800mm
Weight (kg)230260300400430450520600650825

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