BTS 100~1000K-K/S

On/Off-grid Switching Cabinet


BTS 100~1000K-K/S

Product Features

■ Quickly separate the system from the power grid
(switching time < 10ms)
■ No need for additional configuration of microgrid
system controls, reducing additional investment
■ With manual control mode, operation control necessary for various experiments and switching control failures
■ There are two switching speed options (< 10ms and
< 200ms)
■ With cooling system with Kehua's proprietary technology
ensures the reliability of the system in various applications

Applicable System

■ Small microgrid system
■ User side commercial energy storage system
■ Dual demand system of peak load shifting and emergency power supply

Maximum AC power100kVA200 kVA500 kVA1000 kVA
Maximum AC current144A289 A722 A1444 A
Rated grid voltage400 Vac
Grid voltage range300~500Vac
Level of protectionIP 20
Switch selectionBTS-K (Contactor version), BTS-S (SCR version)
Switch time<200ms (Contactor version), <10ms (SCR version)
Operating temperature range-25℃ ~55℃
Relative humidity0~95% (no condensation)
ProtectionOvertemperature, overcurrent, short   circuit, lightning protection, etc.
Altitude5000mm (>3000m derating)
Dimensions (W×H×D)800×1800×800mm800×2000×800mm800×2000×1000mm

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