BCS 75~125K-B-HM

Modular Energy Storage Converter


BCS 75~125K-B-HM

High Efficiency

■ Standard container design, integrated fire fighting, lighting, heat dissipation, etc.
■ IP 54 protection, suitable for extreme outdoor environment ■ Advanced three-level technology, max. inverter efficiency99.03%
■ 110% long-time overload
■ Advanced midpoint potential control technology effectively reduces ripple voltage and improves the service life of film capacitors
■ Intelligent fault wave recording and online upgrade function


■ Light module design, easy for installation and O&M
■ Multi-unit parallel connection technology
■ Independent fan modular design
■ IP65 and C5 anti-corrosion grade, high environmental adaptability

System Integration

■ Integrated with battery system, turnkey solution
■ Integrated with BMS system and UPS unit, ensures stable operation of battery system
■ Built-in DC pre-charging function, easy access for battery system, plug and play

Power Grid Adaptability

■ High/Low voltage ride-through function
■ PF control and SVG function

DC input
MAX. DC voltage1500Vdc
DC voltage range700-1500 Vdc600-1100 Vdc1040-1500 Vdc
Max. DC current120 A186 A134A
DC voltage range @50°C (full load)700-1300 Vdc600-1000 Vdc1040-1500 Vdc
Auto buffering functionYes
Grid-tied AC output
Rated AC output power75kW100kW125kW
Max. AC output power82.5kVA110kVA137.5kVA
Rated output voltage480Vac400Vac690Vac
Output voltage range-15%~10% (settable)
Grid frequency range50Hz/60Hz (settable)
Max. output current99.2A158A115A
Power factor>0.99   (at rated power)
Adjustable power factor1   (leading)~1 (lagging)
THDi<3%   (at rated power)
Off-grid AC output
Rated AC output voltage480V400V690Vac
Output voltage accuracy1%
Max. output current99.2A158A115A
THDu<1%   (linear load)
Rated output frequency50Hz/60Hz (settable)
Overloading capability110%
Max. efficiency99.03%
General data
Isolation modeNone
IP gradeIP65
Operation temperature-30°C~60°C(>50°C derating)-30°C~60°C(>40°C derating)-30°C~60°C(>50°C derating)
Relative humidity0~100%
Cooling typeIntelligent forced air cooling
Dimensions (W×H×D)700x900x267mm
Altitude4000m(>3000m derating)
Communication protocolModbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, CAN2.0B
Communication interfaceRS485, Ethernet, CAN
StandardEN/IEC 62477-1,EN/IEC 61000-6-2/4, EN 50549-1, NC RfG

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