SPI3125K-B-HUD/T Series

Central Inverter & Transformer Turnkey Solution for 1500V System


SPI3125K-B-HUD/T Series

Highly integrated - turnkey solution

● Integrated with outdoor central PV inverter for 1500V System
● Equipped with inverter & transformer system (10kV~35kV optional)
● Integrated intelligent transformer measurement and control device, one-stop solar farm communication solution

Lean intelligence - full monitoring collection

● Integrated multi - function transformer measurement and control device, intelligent operation management
● Unified external communication interface, rapid deployment and debugging
● Intelligent I-V and fault wave recording, quick failure analysis

Efficient and stable - reliable

● IP55 design, high environmental adaptability
● Optimized inverter and step up unit, higher system efficiency

Lower investment, higher income

● Integrated connection of inverter and transformer, reduce system cost
● Reserve energy storage interface for future PV+ESS projects
● Support night SVG function, reduce construction cost

DC Input
Max. PV input voltage1500Vdc
Max. PV input current3992A
No. of PV input strings16~24 optional
No. of MPPTs2 (1 optional)
MPPT voltage range875~1500Vdc
Starting voltage915Vdc
MPPT efficiency>99.9%
AC Output
Rated AC output power3125kW
Max. output power3438kVA
Rated grid voltage10~35kV
Rated grid frequency50Hz/60Hz
Power factor>0.99 (at rated power)
PF adjustable range0.8 leading~0.8 lagging
THDi<3% (at rated power)
Inverter efficiency
Max. efficiency99.02%
European efficiency98.55%
Transformer typeoil-immersed transformer
Rated power3125kVA
Voltage transformation ratio3438kVA
Isolation modeDy11/Yd11
LVRT functionYes
Fault wave record diagnosisYes
Online upgradeYes
Night SVG functionYes
Anti-PID functionOptional
Transformer measuring and controling deviceYes
Dimensions (W×H×D)5500×2650×2438mm
IP gradeIP55
Transformer cooling typeONAN
Inverter cooling typeIntelligent forced air cooling
Altitude3000m (>3000m optional)
Operating temperature range-35ºC~60ºC
Relative humidity0~100%
CommunicationEthernet, RS485

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